The main contractual provisions when booking a boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace" on the site

Scope of application

These general terms and conditions are valid for a single booking by the user of rooms in the accommodation facilities through the TravelLine online booking system.


The decision you made on booking is automatically transferred on your behalf to the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace."

Contract and Payment

The agreement for the provision of the relevant service is made during the booking directly between you and the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace". All claims and obligations for the services rendered relate to the person making the booking and the accommodation chosen by him.
The made order can be paid by any of the ways offered by the system. We draw your attention to the fact that the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace" has the right to impose restrictions on the choice of payment methods:

Change order

The technical functionality of the online booking system TravelLine allows you to make changes according to the date of arrival or departure date, the guest's contact information, the guest's comment on the reservation, the category of the room in the already booked and confirmed reservation with payment upon check-in. You can change these parameters at your discretion only through the TravelLine system, using the link provided in the booking confirmation email sent to you when booking.
The introduction of changes to the specified parameters in the reservation with other methods of payment, as well as other changes in the armor already issued and confirmed by means of accommodation, including with payment for settling, is not possible.
Having preliminarily checked the conditions of cancellation of the reservation, you can cancel the existing reservation and arrange a new one for the parameters you are interested in via the TravelLine System.

Cancellation of an order

  1. In order to avoid confusion, the cancellation of an order must always be made through the TravelLine booking system. For the cancellation of an order it is important that a message about this in a timely manner be received at the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace", which is provided by the system's functionality. You can cancel your booking only through the TravelLine system, using the link and cancellation code sent with the booking confirmation emailed to you when booking. After the cancellation of the order, the client is notified of the cancellation of the reservation. If, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to cancel your reservation using the link and cancellation code, we recommend that you contact the booking department of the Petrovsky Travel Palace Hotel to cancel your reservation.
  2. If electronic payment is used, namely a bank card or electronic money, the money will be returned to the bank card or electronic wallet with which the payment was made, within 45 working days from the receipt of the notice of cancellation of the reservation. The time between the return operation and the actual transfer of money to the client's account depends on the internal banking procedures and the internal procedures of payment systems.
  3. In case of timely cancellation of an order, the TravelLine hotel booking system has the right to charge additional service charges from the customer for the cancellation of a previously issued order. Service charge for booking is included in the price of the booking and in case of cancellation the reservation is non-refundable. The amount of service fee depends on the payment method chosen by the client, but can not exceed 5% of the amount contributed by the customer.

  4. In case of using the guarantee of the reservation with a bank card, the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace" returns the refund taken from your bank card. If you cancel your reservation, we recommend that you contact the booking department of the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace" to resolve the issue of refunding the money convenient for you.
  5. In case of using deferred payment, the customer refunds are made by the payment system that provides services related to organizing the deferred payment process. If you cancel your reservation, the payment system officer will contact you. Money will be returned in a way convenient for you, minus the commission of the payment system.
  6. In case of late cancellation of an order or a non-arrival of a client, the Petrovsky Travel Palace Hotel boutique hotel has the right to apply penalties to the client.
  7. The rules of late cancellation, namely the time and size of the penalty, are set by the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace" independently. It is necessary to read carefully the conditions of the reservation, the rules of the special offers applied, as well as the conditions for late cancellations indicated on the accommodation page, on the booking form and on the booking confirmation, during the booking process.

In case of premature departure of the client, the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace" has the right to present claims to the client related to the incurred losses.

Cost of rooms and services of accommodation facilities

  1. All prices indicated in the TravelLine booking system are determined by the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace" and are valid for all cases of booking within the TravelLine online booking system according to the parameters set by the accommodation facilities.
  2. Reservations are made at prices valid during the period of the intended stay. When booking, special pricing offers set by the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace" in the TravelLine system are automatically taken into account. The boutique hotel guarantees that the cost of rooms and services stated in the system is binding for each booking.
  3. All prices are valid for one room and the selected period of stay, including the services specified in the description of the room, not covered by the category of paid services. Prices may not include some taxes and fees imposed by local authorities
  4. All prices in the TravelLine online booking system are quoted in rubles, while on the booking form it is possible to convert these prices into other currencies.

Data protection

  1. The data entered by the client is transferred to the accommodation facility in the amount necessary for booking rooms (services) in the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace". In addition, the data entered by the client can be used for transfer to a third party. Such a third party can contact the client by email, for example, in order to receive feedback on the quality of the service, the customer-placed accommodation facility. At the same time when receiving the first e-mail from such a third party, the client has the opportunity to refuse further mailing.
  2. By agreeing to the terms of this user agreement, the client agrees to collect, organize, accumulate, store, update (update, modify), use, transfer to the accommodation facility and the third parties designated in paragraph "a" of paragraph 8, depersonalization , destruction of their personal data: last name, first name, patronymic, e-mail address, phone number, citizenship. These personal data are requested in order to provide customers with the requested services, or to respond to customer requests. The data are displayed in the booking confirmation, accounting and accounting documentation. Data such as an e-mail address is used to obtain feedback on the quality of the accommodation facility service. This consent is provided by the client for the implementation of any actions that are not inconsistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation with respect to personal data aimed at achieving the goals specified in the user agreement, including online booking by the client of the selected accommodation facility, compilation of accounting and accounting documents, feedback on the quality of the service of the booked accommodation.

In the case of providing advertising and marketing materials to the client, he is also given the opportunity to refuse to receive such materials in the future.


All information placed on the booking form is compiled with the utmost care. However, errors or misprints are not excluded. All information related to the accommodation facility (photos, description of the accommodation facility, rooms, services provided, prices, etc.) is entered directly by the boutique hotel "Petrovsky Travel Palace". The accommodation facility itself is responsible for the inaccuracy of the information provided.

The TravelLine name and the TravelLine logo are registered trademarks of the company. Other products or company names mentioned on the site of the accommodation facility or in the form of online booking TravelLine may be the trademarks of their owners.


Using the TravelLine system, when you make an order through the system, you agree to the text of this agreement. If you disagree with any provisions of this document, it is recommended that you stop using the TravelLine online booking system. Continued use of the TravelLine online booking system is unequivocally regarded as acceptance of all the terms of this agreement.


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